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Wild New World, also known as Prehistoric America, is a British documentary series about Ice Age America (United States). Like several other BBC programmes, it contains both computer graphics and real life animals. Occasionally, footage of non-American counterparts of the extinct American beasts (like the American lion and the giant American cheetah) are used in juxtaposition with footage of native American animals, like the pronghorn, well thats how wikipedia discribe it, I describe it as Great. Wild New World is my favourite prehistory nature documentary, to some this will sound "stupid", but to me the Walking With... series does match it. What makes Wild New World great to me is that unlike Walking With beasts it calls the ice age animals by thier modern human nicknames, for example Shasta ground sloth, Scimitar-toothed cat, instead of the first half of thier scientific names (name of thier genus), after all we don't call black rats rattus, do we? The other thing that astounds me is how it is more like a nature documentary, than a prehistoric-based nature documentary, its as if the viewer is actualy being taken back in time, despite the CGI being from 2002, also i enjoy how the other ice age animals that still exist today are given a major part, instead of just a background role. Well watch it (if you haven't already), enjoy it, and document it on this wiki!

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